Welcome to the URCA Grant Application Guide!

Please review this guide carefully, as some parts of the application have changed from previous years. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the URCA office.

For your application to be considered, all instructions must be followed. 

URCA Grant Applications must be submitted by midnight, November 17, 2023.

How to Apply

  1. Identify an Academic Senate faculty member who will submit an endorsement form for you
  2. Fill out the online form in the application portal
  3. Upload a 750-1000 word project plan
  4. Upload an itemized budget on the official form
  5. Submit the form

Application Support

Students are strongly encouraged to have URCA staff review their applications before submitting them. This will ensure everything is in order and give you the best chance at a successful application. Check out our Workshops page for more information about events to help you prepare your application. You may also make an appointment, email, or visit our office hours for additional support or to have your application checked prior to submission.

Join us for pizza and snacks while you work on your application on Thursday, November 16, 3 pm-8 pm. Please RSVP!

Group Projects

Students working in groups should each submit individual applications. It is expected and accepted that many components, like the abstract and timeline will be identical across group members, but the proposal should clearly identify how the submitting individual is specifically contributing to the group.

Application Components and Expectations

Please see pages below for important informational guides about each section.