Online Application Form

This online application form is where you will fill out your biographical information, abstract, and mentor contact information. It's also where you will upload PDFs with your project plan and budget.

What You'll Need

Biographical Information

You will need to enter your name, perm number, and contact information

Faculty Mentor Information

Enter contact information and home department for your faculty mentor.

For your project to be considered, your mentor must fill out an endorsement form on your behalf. The form collects university email addresses and it must be associated with your mentor. It is your responsibility to ensure the submission of this form by the deadline. Please allow the mentor sufficient time to review your plan prior to the submission deadline.

The mentor endorsement form is available online. You may send it to your professor at any time, and they will be sent a link to the form when the application closes.

All faculty forms must be received on or before December 1, 2023.

Your mentor must either teach a department seminar or be a member of the Academic Senate (view the membership list here).

Graduate students, part-time lecturers, and staff are not eligible to serve as project mentors unless they teach an eligible department seminar, such as for an honors program. If you have questions about mentor eligibility, please consult with the URCA Director for clarification,


Your abstract should be a brief and clearly-written synopsis of your research or creative project. The grant reviewers can be from any university department, so write your abstract in a way that a general audience can understand.

It must not exceed 100 words and should contain the following elements:

  • A brief explanation of the project’s purpose
  • A brief statement explaining what you will do in your project
  • The major conclusions you hope to derive from your project
  • A concise statement of what you hope to gain from your project
  • Do not include any details about your research design or methods

Budget Form PDF

You must submit an itemized budget using the official form. Follow all instructions from the budget section of the application guide.

Project Plan PDF

You must submit a detailed project plan following all instructions from the application guide.