From UCSB Teaching & Learning Librarians

Video tutorial collection with the following topics

  • Evaluating  Sources

  • The Research Process is Complex

  • How can I get help at the library?

  • Navigating the UCSB library homepage

  • How to retrieve full text of an article from UC Library Search


Writing & Research Tools Guide! Use this guide to:

  • Identify the complexities of the research process;

  • Apply strategies that will help you stay organized with your research; 

  • Distinguish tools to help you with notetaking and managing sources for your research; and

  • Access options to get research help at UCSB Library


UC Library Search Guide

This guide gives tips on how to use the UC Library Search system.


From the UCSB Office of Research

Research Programs & Opportunities


From Career Services

How to write a resume

How to write a cover letter



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