Registration and Application

Due April 14, 2024

All UCSB undergraduates who conducted research in the 2023-2024 Academic year are invited to apply for Colloquium.

Students must apply by April 14, 2024. All applicants will receive a notification about their acceptance that week. URCA Grant recipients are only guaranteed a spot if they submit the form by the April 14 deadline.

Registration and Application

    Poster Size

    Poster Guidelines

    Posters must be 2 ft. wide and  3 ft. tall. (24” x 36” portrait or 7200 x 10800 pixels). All page sizes should be set to 2x3 feet as the very first step of setting up your poster file. The minimum resolution for posters is 200 dpi, though 300 dpi is preferred.

    If your project requires additional space allocation or a table, you must have this approved by the URCA Office before April 14. 

    Poster Creation Resources

    Design TipsWhat to IncludeTemplates


    Poster Printing

    URCA Grant recipients who elected at the time of application to earmark funds for poster printing will be contacted directly to submit poster files. Submissions are due Thursday, May 9, 2024 at 5pm.

    All Colloquium participants are eligible for discounted printing at in the UCen. Write "$32 URCA poster for Student Name" in the subject line of any email correspondence with them to print your poster for $32. All size restrictions still apply and students are encouraged to submit the week before the event.


    Event Structure and Procedures


    Tuesday, May 14
    10am-11am at Corwin Pavillion

    If you independently had your poster printed:

    1. Bring your 24x36 poster to Corwin Pavilion between 10 and 11 the morning of the Colloquium

    2. Check the program for your assigned spot

    3. Take four pushpins from one of the tables and secure the poster to your assigned spot. 

    If you had your poster funded and printed through the URCA Office, we will retrieve and set it up on your behalf, all you have to do is show up for the event.



      Colloquium Map
      URCA Week table presentation


      Tuesday, May 14
      11am-2pm at Corwin Pavilion

      Students who are available at this time are asked to stay by their posters to discuss their research with guests. It might help you to practice a 30-second elevator pitch that you can use to explain what your research is about.

      There is no dress code, but many students prefer to dress in professional or business casual attire according to the norms of their discipline.

      Students may take their posters down at 2pm. Posters left behind can be picked up at the URCA Office in the Library during the remainder of the quarter. Posters that are not picked up by the end of the quarter will be considered property of the URCA Office and may be destroyed or used for instructional purposes.