Registration and Application 

Due April 14, 2024

All UCSB undergraduates who conducted research in the 2023-2024 Academic year are invited to apply for the URCA Week Conference. Students who would like to share their work must submit this form by April 14, 2024. 

Groups are asked to submit individual applications. We will try to keep groups together, but this will largely depend on participants' availability.

The URCA Office may share student names, project titles, and abstracts submitted here in publicly available event programs. If you have privacy concerns, please discuss these with URCA staff before submitting.

Registration and Application


Schedule and Structure

The conference will take place on Wednesday, May 15th and Friday, May 17th, 2024. 75-minute panels will be scheduled between 8 am and 5:15 pm on those days.

Depending on the size of your panel, each student will have about 10 minutes to present. After the last presentation, the remainder of the scheduled time will be for discussion.

Some panels may have an audience, others may be discussions just among the panelists. There has been a big range in the past. It is common for students to invite friends or family members to attend their panels.


The moderators for the panels include affiliates from the Office of Teaching & Learning. They will give a brief introduction to the panel, keep things moving on time, and facilitate the discussion portion of each panel or roundtable.

Tech Logistics

You will be added to a Google Drive folder with other folks on your panel, where you will be able to add any presentation materials you may have. Google Slides is the preferred format. This is to avoid each student having to individually log in that day. The moderator will open the folder before the panel starts and pull up any materials in the folder. 

If your presentation contains an audio component, please let the moderator know ahead of time, so that we can troubleshoot the speaker system.

Presenting Your Research in a Conference Setting

Presentations at conferences vary by discipline, so don’t be surprised or worried if what other people are doing looks very different from your work. This is an opportunity to learn from each other in an interdisciplinary setting.

Some students come in with fully scripted talks and slide shows, whereas others prefer a more casual approach to talk through their research experience, methods, results, etc.

There is no one right way to do this and it may also depend a bit on how far you are in your research. You may want to present completed research, or you may also share where you are struggling and seek advice from your peers how you might proceed.


Introduce your topic! Present your research question, why your work is significant to your field, and briefly state what you found or expect to find.


This is the section to describe your procedure/research design/how you did what you did to find answers to your question.


Summarize the data and report the results of any statistical tests or conclusions from research.


How do you interpret the results? Was it what you expected? What are the implications and limitations? Where might this go moving forward?

Conference Spaces

The conference will be scheduled in the Office of Teaching and Learning conference room and at the Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning.

URCA Week Conference

Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning (CITRAL)

Library Ground Floor Oceanside Room 1576

Kerr Hall Room 1110F

The Office of Teaching and Learning Conference Room is in Kerr Hall 1110F. Enter through the glass doors diagonal to the Bank of America ATM on the corner of Woodstock's Pizza across from the Library.

Kerr Hall Conference Room