Call for Papers 2022-2023

Have your papers published online in an open access format on eScholarship with an ISSN.

The URCA Journal aims to highlight the amazing research achievements produced by UCSB undergraduates. Through the journal, students will have the opportunity to share their research and contribute to the broader knowledge of UCSB’s campus.

The general submission deadline is July 8, 2023. 

Submissions will be reviewed by URCAJ Peer Editors for publication in September. Students whose submissions are accepted will be asked to review feedback and revise drafts according to editors’ feedback.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be 10-15 pages, 12-point font, double space, and 1-inch margins. This limit does not include title page, bibliography, or appendices.


All work must be original to the author.


Submissions must be in Word (DOC/DOCX), 12-point Times New Roman, with 1" margins.

Title Page

Include a title page with author names, paper title, and abstract.

Style Guide

Please use the correct style guide for your discipline. If using footnotes, these must be added using the "insert footnote" function from the References tab in Word.

Why Should You Publish?

Students who are seeking post-graduate opportunities (especially Master’s and Ph.D. programs) focused on research will find that this the URCAJ is a great opportunity to publish their research and supplement their professional career. Students will also be making valuable contributions to their fields of study and enriching their academic experience. Also, many graduate programs request concise versions of your research and this would be a ready-made edited, research paper to submit for applications. The undergraduate research selected for this journal will display the diversity of research done at UCSB and how this research lays the foundations for practical applications in many fields.

Editorial Review Criteria


Does the author provide enough background knowledge and context to make the research paper understandable and compelling to a general audience?


Is the research understandable and are the author’s motivations clear?


Was the topic and its significance communicated in a manner appropriate for an intelligent, but non-specialist audience?


If used, did the extra images, charts, graphs, etc. enhance the research and help to emphasize the primary points of the research? Is the research well formatted?

​Intellectual Significance

Did the author explain why the project matters (for example, its significance to the academic discipline)?