Melody Roth

Roth Poster
Humanities and Fine Arts


Mixed Emotions: An Introspective Study into Modern Mixed-Race Liminality

Humanities and Fine Arts

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ljiljana Coklin,

Abstract: Perspectives on mixed-race liminality in identity are present but lack widespread representation in conversations of race and race studies. There are many intricacies within mixed-race, and it is emerging as an evolving paradigm within race and cultural studies. Liminality, the state of ambiguity within one’s identities, cultures, worlds, etc. is one facet I find especially permeated throughout a mixed-race experience. Using a dialogue between my own experience and theory, I hope to reconcile: What does it mean to be mixed-race? Where do I belong? My research aims to produce a generational and cultural anthology of narratives and insights on multicultural identity. At the intersection of this cross-cultural paradigm is an examination on the conditions of liminality. Ultimately, this project intends to create a literary portrait of a mixed voice that I believe is often under-discussed in conversations of liminality. I hope it will offer one perspective on the subject and serve as an invitation towards more discussion and encourage explorations into representations of mixed race. 


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