Hannah Mok

Mok Poster
Humanities and Fine Arts


The Cupertino Bubble: The Technological, Cultural, and Social Influences on Student Attitudes Towards Education

Humanities and Fine Arts

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ljiljana Coklin

Abstract: This case study on Cupertino, CA investigates its microculture, or “bubble”, born out of an ethnic enclave, tech boom, and the American Dream, and how cultural contexts aggregately influence attitudes on higher education. A historical analysis and in-depthinterviews of students’ experiences was combined to analyze and evaluate how Cupertino students’ views toward higher education are shaped by these factors. Cupertino’s “bubble” l a unique environment that supports and reinforces a common mindset toward education. Common mindsets found in this environment include: education is essential, there are various culture and family pressures, and school culture is hypercompetitive and tech-industry centric.


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