Human Rights Campaign Strategies



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Project Description

Creating a database or profile bank of human rights campaigns worldwide (historical and contemporary) to analyze their communication and mobilization strategies and impact.

Undergraduate Contribution

Research human rights conditions, campaigns, and impact in countries or sectors (i.e. labor, women's rights) that I will assign based on the student's skills and interest plus the project need to update cases previously studied and add coverage in certain regions and issues.  Prepare reports, timelines, charts, and bibliography for the case based on secondary literature, organization reports, and international organization studies. Major factors to investigate and code include the form of abuse and population affected, framing of demands, target or leverage point, movement leadership, protest or legal tactics, coalitions and alliances, resulting reforms if any, and resulting repression.  The template will be based on my 2013 book Speaking Rights to Power and 2018 study The Struggle for Freedom from Fear.


Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Please send a letter of interest and resume.  The letter should explain your academic knowledge, practical experience, and interest in human rights, social movement campaigns, and strategic analysis of political impact.