Plant physiology, climate change, and the terrestrial carbon cycle




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Research in the Trugman Lab ( focuses on how changes in climate and water availability affect ecosystem diversity, productivity, and resilience across large spatial scales. Our research approach integrates field measurements with numerical ecosystem models to gain new insight into the biological processes affecting climate-vegetation interactions.

Project Description

Students with interests in ecology, the terrestrial carbon cycle, and data analytics will have the opportunity to join ongoing projects looking at forest responses to climate. Examples of ongoing projects include: understanding how vegetation physiology affects forest resilience to changes in climate and disturbances such as drought, fire, and insects. 

Undergraduate Contribution

The work can involve any of the following: (i) laboratory work measuring plant tissue samples and plant growth chamber experiments, (ii) field work at UC Santa Barbara’s natural reserve Sedgwick, located in a beautiful oak grass savanna in Santa Ynez, (iii) analyzing existing datasets using R, Python, or Matlab. Depending on student interest, there is a possibility of future summer field work.

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Please email me with a copy of your CV and a brief paragraph about your interest in my lab and potential research topics.