Intertidal and pH and predator mosaics along the California coastline



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Project Description

Ocean acidification poses a significant threat to marine ecosystems worldwide. The progression of ocean acidification – and its interaction with other biological factors such as predation risk – is unknown for many intertidal communities across California. This project explores spatial variation in local pH conditions and black turban snail (Tegula funebralis) predator communities. This project aims to improve our understanding of how marine organisms interact with their environment and support improved predictions for how species will respond to climate change across their distributed range.

Undergraduate Contribution

The student will assist with this project remotely. The student will analyze oceanographic data collected from pH/temperature sensors, and develop code to automate and streamline data analysis. The student will be working primarily in R, but the student will also be using Microsoft Excel.

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Students interested in data science and oceanography are encouraged to apply. The student must be able to work independently, attentive to detail and willing to do repetitive work. Familiarity with Excel is required, and experience in R is recommended.