Using Research to Improve Services and Resources for Undocumented College Students



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Project Description

Our project involves using our research findings to create brief reports, infographics, and short videos, geared toward undocumented college students, Undocumented Student Services/DREAM Centers, and Counseling & Psychological Services across the different UCs. Last year, we received a FRAP grant, and we created a website to showcase our findings ( This year, we're working with UCSB's USS and CAPS to create short videos to address undocumented students' perceived barriers to talking to an on-campus mental health professional. We will use the $350 to pay a company to create the videos, to pay for professional stock photos/icons for infographics and brief reports, and to pay for professional photos related to the project. 

Undergraduate Contribution

Undergraduate students will work with Dr. Jennifer Kam and her graduate students to create the brief reports, infographics, and video scripts. 

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Students can sign up for 99RA or 199RA credit through the Department of Communication at UC Santa Barbara. They will need to email Dr. Kam if interested.