Ecomusicology—Music, Sound, and the Environment



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Project Description

Ecomusicology asks what sound and music can teach us about human interactions with ecosystems. This year I am focused on the Alps-Carpathian region of Central Europe (including Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia), which contains the largest sources of biodiversity in Central Europe and also support great human-cultural diversity (Angelstam, et al. 2020). The region has been designated as an area of special interest by the EU as it works to reduce greenhouse gasses. My research focuses on human engagement with the natural environment, and seeks to advocate for policy and practices that increase human-cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion symbiotically with vital at-risk ecosystems.

Undergraduate Contribution

Student assistants will collect and review recent research articles on the Alp-Carpathian region. They will also be encouraged to develop their own research areas related to musicking and ecology.

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Experience in Environmental Studies and/or Ethnomusicology preferable but not required. Contact me via email with “FRAP” as the subject.