‘Zine Cataloging



Website: http://alexlukas.com/

Contact Email: alexlukas@ucsb.edu

Office Location: Building 479 (Red Barn/Old Pool)


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Project Description

This project will photograph, catalog and index a large collection of ‘zines, comics and handmade artists’ publications. By creating a searchable online database of these publications, the project will facilitate on-campus access for students and researchers. 

Undergraduate Contribution

There are two possible roles for undergraduates: Photographing ‘zines and entering data (title, author, printing method, etc.) into a spreadsheet, **and/or** building a CMS and very basic UI for an online database, probably in WordPress. 

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Applicants should be detail oriented and interested in self-publishing, printmaking and ‘zines. Photographic experience is a plus, but not a requirement. A familiarity with WordPress would be most welcome.