Mitigation of Lunar Dust via Electrostatic and Laser Techniques (MELT)




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Project Description

The goal of this project is to design a system that will utilize electrostatic forces to mitigate lunar dust which settles on all exterior surfaces during lunar exploration. As lunar regolith is naturally charged, approaching the issue with electrostatic forces offers an effective method for removing dust from sensitive areas, such as lenses, solar panels, and hinges or joints. Protecting these surfaces from lunar dust helps to limit wear from abrasive regolith particles, improving their lifetime and efficacy on the moon.
Our team is developing this project as part of a national NASA competition: The Big Ideas Challenge. This year's challenge can be found here:

Undergraduate Contribution

This project is led by undergraduates.

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

To join this project students should be physics, engineering, or computer science majors. Please send email to Jason Barrios,, if interested.