Why Shari'a Matters in the Age of Islamophobia: a California Study



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Project Description

I work on the legal dimensions of Muslim life in the United States. In this project, I will analyze interview data gathered from fieldwork (2014-2018) done among California’s Muslims. The 100+ interviews are about shari’a (aka Islamic law) in everyday life, in the context of rising Islamophobia. Beginning in 2010, “ban-the-shari’a” proposals were introduced in several states across the country. This campaign begs the questions, what does the word shari’a mean to Muslims in the state of California, and to what extent is it relevant in Muslim Californians’ lives today?

Undergraduate Contribution

The interviews are already transcribed. Student researcher may code and analyze interviews to examine any one of a number of themes or topics approved by the professor. Possible topics include personal stories, family life, perceived tensions or compatibility between religious law and US state and federal laws, health and healthcare, gender and gender roles, sexuality, discrimination, etc.

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Student must have taken or is currently enrolled in any of the following: RG ST 2, 6, 102A, 119A, 119B, or 140E. Coding software will be supplied and interest in learning how (and why) to code on a Mac platform is a plus.