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Project Description

Software tester (no experience required)
We are recruiting software quality testers, as part of a project to develop free and open-source software for linguistics and for language games. 
Software quality testers perform support functions for app developers: They are responsible for testing and generating bug reports for pre-release software, as well as for verifying functionality, data content, usability, and hardware/software compatibility. Through this project, you will get hands-on experience on performing app quality testing for the computational treatment of language data.
The app we are developing is Rezonator, designed for visualizing resonance and coherence in dialogue. (For more information, see our website at

Undergraduate Contribution

We will teach you:
- how to design and maintain a test routine to check the quality of apps and games
- how to collaborate with the app development team (e.g. compile and submit bug reports)

Requirements and/or Application Instructions

Participants in this research should have:
- Interest in learning new skills for testing software and games
- No previous programming experience is required
Successful applicants will work under the supervision of Prof. John W. Du Bois, and receive training on software testing tools and techniques from Giorgia Troiani (former video game localizer and tester for Electronic Arts). Students will receive 2 to 4 units of course credit in LING 199 (for 3rd - 4th-year students) or LING 99 (for 1st - 2nd-year students). For 2 units, Research Assistants must commit to work 6 hours per week (60 hours total) during the quarter. 
To apply, please send the following materials to Giorgia Troiani ( by September 28, 2020:
- brief resume or CV with relevant experience
- unofficial transcripts
- a one-paragraph explanation of why you are interested in the position and what language you would like to work with.
Brief informal interviews with selected applicants will be conducted.