Microwave Synthesis of Zeolites and their Growth Mechanism



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Project Description

The overall goal of the project is to understand and control the growth of crystalline zeolites by judicious selection of synthesis mixture compositions and conditions.  Those mixture compositions and conditions will be correlated with results of atomic-scale magnetic resonance analyses, scattering investigations, and electron microscopy measurements.  To begin, the focus will be on small-pore zeolites LTA and CHA, and FAU as a large-pore initial model system, synthesized with different Si/Al ratios, mean crystallite sizes, and aspect ratios by using different organic structure-directing agents, cations, and counter-ions.

Undergraduate Contribution

An undergraduate student could contribute in syntheses of the crystalline zeolite materials.  A basic knowledge of materials-synthesis procedures and the results of characterization techniques is required.  Work would be done after training by, and under the close supervision of, a post-doctoral researcher and only after Department and Campus chemical safety training.

Requirements/Application Instructions

Student must have successfully completed relevant coursework.