Carbon Cycling and Greenhouse Gases at North Campus Open Space (NCOS)



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Project Description

Wetlands are responsible for a large proportion of global ecosystem carbon storage, yet our understanding of the processes and factors that contribute to carbon cycling in wetlands is incomplete. Wetlands have also disappeared at an alarming rate due to land use change and development.  At UCSB's North Campus Open Space, 55 hectares of wetland and upland habitat are being restored after nearly 50 years of land use as a golf course. Our research group is investigating the changes in ecosystem carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions at this restoration site. 
Undergraduate Contribution
Students are recruited to participate in field and laboratory measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes and associated environmental and soil characteristics from North Campus Open Space and Coal Oil Point Reserve. Students will gain experience in sampling and performing analytical techniques for greenhouse gases and related soil characteristics. Students will receive training in fundamental laboratory procedures and will follow laboratory safety protocols to perform laboratory characterization of gravimetric soil moisture, soil pH, EC, and total soil carbon and nitrogen elemental analysis. 
Requirements/Application Instructions
Students with a background in physical or life sciences are encouraged to inquire. Students must be interested, highly motivated, and willing to spend time in the laboratory and field. Preference for upper division standing. Availability for field work on Fridays and laboratory work Friday evenings is desirable. Please send resume and unofficial transcript, along with cover letter indicating a statement of interests, to Professor King ( Any questions? Please contact Professor King via email.