The Archaeological and Forensic Bone Lab



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Office Location: HSSB 1002


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Project Description

Research Assistant tasks include:
1) prepping prehistoric bones/teeth for isotope analysis to reveal ancient migration patterns;
2) producing an illustrated Spanish-language human anatomy monograph; and
3) helping design and refine forensic anthropology lab curricula. 

Undergraduate Contribution

1) You will engage in every part of the procedure, from background research, to sample capture and chemical extraction, through encapsulation.
2) You will conduct background research and use computer software to help digitize, render, and label human bones.
3) You will conduct background research and test proof-of-concept activities like animal masceration, facial reconstruction, and crime scene investigation.

Requirements/Application Instructions

General preference for those who can dedicate sizeable chunks of time in a day, several days of the week, over consecutive quarters. Moreover, our RA’s commit to the diffusion of lab findings through the creation of tangible intellectual products.
For 1) Complete EH&S courses. Previous experience with stable isotope analysis is a plus.
For 2) Familiarity w/ Adobe Illustrator, etc. & interest in graphic design. Knowledge of Spanish is a plus.
For 3)  Interest in osteology, pedagogy, and science education with emphasis on practical and experiential learning. 
For more information on enrollment (199/RA) and instructions, please contact Dr. Kurin directly at