Making Sea Level Rise Locally Tangible



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Project Description

This project investigates tangible local effects of sea level rise (such as the devaluation or abandonment of waterfront properties), by projecting global and regional forecasts to Santa Barbara county. The results will constitute a reproducible body of research data that could underly a chapter on California's midcoast in the spirit of 'Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore' by Elizabeth Rush, the book featured in UCSB Reads 2020. The insights gained on how to determine specific local effects, while coping with uncertainty, will serve to test our theoretical framework for translating questions about environments into GIS workflows. 

Undergraduate Contribution

A team of two to four undergraduate students will study how to forecast specific changes in the natural, built, and social environment, using geospatial data and GIS procedures. Students from the humanities or those participating in UCSB's Undergraduate Writing Program are invited to join the team as science or essay writers.

Requirements/Application Instructions

A basic familiarity with GIS is required for at least one participant. 
The project runs from January 13th to May 31st, 2020, and will be presented at the annual local event of the spatial center (see for previous years).