Movement Data Analysis and Visualization



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Project Description

Our research group ( conducts basic and applied research to study movement and spatiotemporal processes such as human mobility, animal movement, migration, disease diffusion, natural hazards (e.g. wildfires, hurricanes). Using GPS tracking data sets, we apply spatial data science methodologies for movement data analytics, knowledge discovery, modeling, agent-based simulation, and visualization. 

Undergraduate Contribution

Students with interests in data visualization and data analytics will have the opportunity to join ongoing research projects involving undergraduates and graduate students to work on social and ecological problems involving movement of humans and animals. Examples of ongoing projects include: dynamic and interactive mapping of movement, analysis of interaction between moving individuals, applying machine learning in movement knowledge discovery. 

Requirements/Application Instructions

Basic skills in some combination of GIS, data visualization, spatial analysis, statistics, machine learning, operations research and/or programming (Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, Java, R). Previous experience with GIS useful.