Lifeways at Fortress Taroy: From Egyptian colony to a post-colonial era in ancient Nubia.



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Stuart Tyson

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Project Description

Sudanese Nubian archaeological projects at the ancient Egyptian fortress of Askut (c. 1850-1100 BC) and colonial settlement and cemetery at Tombos (c. 1450-600 BC) provide a focus for understanding culture entanglements and interaction between ancient Egypt and Nubia and the archaeology and social dynamics of small scale settlements and households in the second and first millennia BC. Ceramic analysis is central to both of these projects, providing critical information for establishing regional and site chronologies, tracing cultural identity and interaction, activities in different areas, subsistence and dietary preferences.  
Undergraduate Contribution
  • Sorting and analysis of ceramics and other artifacts, including data entry and statistics.
  • Archaeological illustration, including drawings of pottery and objects, plans and architectural renderings, and site maps, including computer aided renderings and reconstructions. 

Requirements/Application Instructions

No prerequisites necessary, but desirable skills/experience include illustration and computer graphics, data entry, and statistics.