Wafer-scale Spacecraft for Rapid Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel



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Project Description

Future deep space missions will require a complete reevaluation and redesign of the space systems of today. The objective of the Wafer Scale Spacecraft Development program (WSSD) is to design, develop, assemble and characterize the initial prototypes of small robotic spacecraft, weighing only a few tens of grams, in an attempt to pave a path forward for future innovation and exploration of the outer solar system and eventually interstellar space. This program, which is just one venture of the UCSB Experimental Cosmology Group’s Electronic and Advanced Systems Laboratory (UCSB Deepspace EAS), focuses on leveraging continued advances in semiconductor and photonics technologies to recognize and efficiently address the many complexities associated with long duration autonomous interstellar mission.

Undergraduate Contribution

Dependent on current needs of the project.

Requirements/Application Instructions

Physics 20 series; concurrent enrollment in Physics 127 a/b; optics a plus; only open to upper division students