Development of Virtual Environments for Quantitative Behaviors in Mice



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Project Description

For this project, we are building virtual mazes for genetically-engineered mice (these mazes will be in the style of a first-person video game). This will allow us to use advanced 2-photon microscopy and optogenetic techniques to measure and manipulate neural activity as the mice use a joystick to "navigate" the virtual maze. We will use this approach to study the neural basis of cognitive processes, such as working memory and decision making. Please see the lab page for more description of the research projects.
Your primary goal as an undergraduate researcher will be to write (with help from other lab members) code for generating virtual mazes and integrating the event timing with data acquisition. Once this project is complete, there are other projects available in the lab should you be interested in continuing your research experience. This has the potential to be a really fun and high impact project for a motivated undergraduate researcher.
Undergraduate Contribution
~12 hours per week (including attendance of lab meeting)
Requirements/Application Instructions
1) Strong programming skills (some experience with Matlab preferred, but not necessary)
2) Mechanical/electrical engineering experience preferred, but not necessary
3) Major/coursework: No requirements
4) GPA: 3.3 minimum, higher GPA preferred