Infant & Child Social Cognition



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Project Description

Research in the Social Cognitive Development Lab focuses on learning and development in infancy and early childhood. We conduct studies in our on campus lab and with local partners off site. The majority of the research focuses on topics relevant to understanding and navigating or complex social world. For example, how do infants learn from other people? Or, do infants think about people as members of social categories? Additionally, how do different social experiences (such as regular exposure to multiple languages) influence social cognition and learning? Most of our studies are interactive where we play short games with kids and record their behavior. We also do story/survey studies with older children, and looking time studies with infants.

Undergraduate Contribution

Undergraduates will participate in all aspects of the research process, including recruiting families to come into the lab, contacting interested families to schedule appointments, creating stimuli for studies, running studies with participants in the on campus lab and off site (at MOXI museum and the Santa Barbara Zoo), entering data, analyzing data, and developing new project ideas.

Requirements/Application Instructions

Research assistants must have a GPA of at least a 3.0 average over the last three quarters. Research assistants must also be comfortable interacting with infants and young children, and with contacting parents/local preschools/organizations over the phone. A commitment of at least 2 quarters is required, and an interest in continuing on for further quarters and developing independent research projects is preferred. Past research experience, or coursework in developmental psychology is preferred but not required. To apply please email in the middle of the quarter preceding your preferred start date.