The Eco Vista Project: From Isla Vista to the ecovillage Eco Vista



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Project Description

The project which most of my RAs are now getting involved in is called the Eco Vista project, and it is co-managed by myself and other UCSB undergraduates who live in IV and have an ecological, climate justice-grounded vision for the future. In a nutshell, our goal is to turn Isla Vista into an ecovillage in 8-10 years. We call this vision "Eco Vista"! Our long-term goal is to establish an ongoing, multigenerational, student- and community-led community project for an equitable and just transition in Isla Vista. We aim to encourage, support, inspire, and co-create the foundation of an eco-village in Isla Vista through renewable energy, a flourishing and regenerative agro-ecology of public urban gardens, cooperative, affordable eco-housing, a circular, local eco-economy based on solidarity and meeting the real needs of the inhabitants, a vibrant web of visionary cultural creativity, radical self-governance, and community priorities determined by all who reside here. We hope that Eco Vista can become a model for other sustainable communities! See it here:

Undergraduate Contribution

We have a group of continuing students who are involved in studying, proposing, and then carrying out projects of all kinds aligned with our Mission Statement. Examples of recent or active projects include:

  • Food: community gardening, farmers market, food waste, food insecurity in the community
  • Circular economy: a pop-up thrift shop for clothing, which we hope to expand to other items
  • Ecological and care services: yoga in the park, mental health, ride-sharing, other exchanges
  • Energy and transportation: bringing solar to IV, improving infrastructure for biking, busing, and walking
  • Self-governance for Isla Vista and a deeper, more participatory politics with public budgeting initiatives
  • Communications and culture: social media, website, cultural production (videos, zines, performance. etc)
  • Educational: building toward the launch of an Eco Vista U!
Requirements/Application Instructions
Other than permission of the instructor (me!) there are no requirements except for a passion for the project. It should be possible to find you a role on one of our projects, or one of your own.
If you are interested, then send me a transcript and a statement of interest. After that we can meet and discuss the possibilities.