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Keep engaging in undergraduate research: During the pandemic, we are committed to continuing to make opportunities available to engage in research. Guided by the principle that health and safety come first, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research is leading efforts for a phased reopen of research facilities. These efforts include a number of initiatives that are considering various aspects of return planning. Undergraduates are included in the ramp-up in the very rare cases in which they are irreplaceable for essential maintenance. Proposals for small numbers of undergraduates to begin research in Stage 4 will be considered, such as those with summer fellowships (e.g. CCS, Worster, etc.). Learn more about UCSB’s research ramp-up plan and Offsite Research Committee guidelines.


The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Office’s mission is to further UCSB’s goals of fostering academic excellence and diversity by supporting equitable access to research opportunities both on and off campus.

Developed as a resource to help guide students towards experiential education opportunities, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) office seeks to enhance undergraduates’ time at UCSB through participation in research and creative activities. Students are able to engage in programs such as the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) Grant, the Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP), the Undergraduate Research Colloquium and the Undergraduate Research Slam. Together, these programs work to foster individuals who are prepared to apply their learned skills towards their future personal, academic, and professional goals.